Audi A6 Avant (04 - 11)

Used Audi A6 Avant 2004 - 2011 review

Ownership cost
(2004 - 2011)
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What used Audi A6 estate will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Audi A6 estate?

The diesel models are by far the most efficient - the 2.0 TDI has an official average of 46.0mpg, the 2.7 TDI manages 39.8mpg and the 3.0 V6 TDI 34.9mpg.

The 2.0 petrol returns a reasonable 34.5mpg, while the 2.4 V6 and 3.2 V6 FSI return an average 28.2mpg. Pick a larger-capacity petrol and you'll struggle to see 25mpg, though.

Insurance ratings are pretty high, and if you take your A6 to be serviced at an Audi dealer and you'll need to be prepared for big bills, too: labour rates are among the highest around, although not usually as high as those charged by BMW and Mercedes dealers. You should be able to save a fair amount by using an independent specialist instead.