Used BMW 6 Series 2011-2018 review


(2011 - 2018)
Used BMW 6 Series 2011-2018
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW 6 Series coupe?

The Jaguar XK has a hatchback, which helps with practicality, but the rear seats are tiny, and with only a range of V8 petrol engines to power it, running costs will be high. However, it sounds great and handles better than a car of its size ought to, thanks to its lightweight aluminium body.

If you want a truly premium grand tourer, the Mercedes CL is packed with labour-saving equipment and safety tech to really take the stress out of driving. The 5.0 V8 is very refined, while the AMG versions are ludicrously quick in a straight line. Corners aren’t its raison d’être.

The Porsche 911 Carrera, however, will devour bends. It will also be comfortable when you want it to tackle a motorway cruise, although it can generate a fair bit of tyre noise. You won’t be able to pack your luggage into the 911 quite as easily as you can in the BMW 6 Series, but it does have plenty of cubbies and pockets to store items in.

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Used BMW 6 Series 2011-2018
Used BMW 6 Series 2011-2018
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If you’re in need of a luxurious, quiet and economical grand tourer, then the BMW 6 Series will suit the bill perfectly

  • Refinement
  • Classy interior
  • Huge fuel range
  • Slightly numb steering
  • Thirsty petrol engines
  • Rear legroom