Used BMW 6 Series Convertible 2011-present review


BMW 6 Series Convertible 11-18
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW 6 Series sports?

Rivals to the 6 Series are few, but you could certainly consider the Porsche 911 Cabriolet. This is a drop-top with four seats, although it isn't quite as roomy as the BMW. It’s great to drive, though, with a choice of marvellous engines and superb handling. It’s beautifully made, too, and can tackle both motorways and back roads in comfort and with ease.

The Jaguar XK Convertible is more similar in its used prices to the 6 Series but offers only petrol-engined options. Having said that, the V8s are stonkingly good engines and make the XK a fast and relaxing, if thirsty, tourer. Used prices are temptingly low next to those of the 6 Series and 911, giving you another reason to switch your attention to the British car.

Used BMW 6 Series Convertible 11-present
Used BMW 6 Series Convertible 11-present
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The BMW 6 Series Convertible is a luxurious grand tourer that's surprisingly affordable to run as a diesel. Just don’t expect sports car handling

  • Powerful and refined engines
  • High quality interior
  • Comfortable cruiser
  • Thirsty petrol
  • Numb steering
  • Rear legroom