Used BMW 6 Series Convertible 2003 - 2011 review

Category: Convertible

Section: Advice for buyers

2003 - 2011 review
BMW 6 Series Convertible (03 - 11)
  • BMW 6 Series Convertible (03 - 11)
  • BMW 6 Series Convertible (03 - 11)
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used BMW 6 Series sports?

To preserve the car's resale value, its history and service records must be impeccable. A high mileage isn't too much of an obstacle, provided it's all accounted for and you are able to see garage receipts to back what the service records show.

The hood is beautifully made but costs a fortune to replace, so check carefully for any mildew stains, damage from bird droppings or vandalism. Extras such as an information system that projects into the driver's line of sight are desirable, so long as you don't pay more than a fraction of what they originally cost.

Above all, check that the iDrive system works correctly, because some are known to behave erratically. Light-coloured leather trim marks easily and shows dirt, so is best avoided if you regularly carry children or pets.


What are the most common problems with a used BMW 6 Series sports?

Is a used BMW 6 Series sports reliable?