Used BMW X5 2013-2018 review

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2013 - 2018 review
Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
  • Used BMW X5 13-present
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used BMW X5 4x4?

The X5 is an extremely versatile car and can cover big distances with ease, making it ideal for families who do lots of travelling. As such, it’s important to go over the interior carefully to look for wear and damage.

Being such a wide car, it’s also susceptible to scuffs and scratches on the body panels and wheels, so check these properly. Include the roof in your inspection, just in case it has been used to carry bicycles or a roof box.

As a flagship BMW, the X5 has plenty of gadgets, so spend time making sure they all work properly, from the powered tailgate to the DAB radio and the sat-nav.

The engines and gearbox are largely carried over from the previous X5, where they proved impressively robust, and any electrical gremlins that might appear can often be resolved with a software update carried out by a BMW dealer.

Inspect the condition of the tyres and consider asking for a new set to be fitted or the asking price discounted accordingly if they're worn.

Used BMW X5 13-present

What are the most common problems with a used BMW X5 4x4?

Creaky tailgate

Rear tailgates have been known to creak and might require a new latch to stop this. The rear-view camera (where fitted) can stop working and could also require a new unit to solve the problem.

Child safety locks

Firstly, there's the possibility of the child safety locks not engaging fully on cars fitted with the optional soft-close rear doors, which affects models built until April 2014.

Rear seatbelts

The seatbelts on X5s equipped with comfort rear seats that were produced between 13 and 22 September 2014 might not restain occupants in a collision. 

Engine cutting out and EGR cooler issues

Some examples built on 18 August 2015 may have an issue with the engine cutting out and the exhaust gas recirculation cooler could be leaking on X5s made between 12 November 2014 and 8 September 2016.

Wheel bolts

Finally, wheel bolts on cars manufactured between 13 July 2018 and 2 August 2018 need to be checked, because they might not have been tightened correctly at the factory.

Any BMW dealer will be able to tell you if your car has had any appropriate recall work carried out.

Is a used BMW X5 4x4 reliable?

This generation of BMW X5 finished in second place in the large and luxury SUVs category in our latest Reliability Survey, well ahead of rivals such as the Volvo XC90 and Range Rover Sport.

BMW as a brand managed a middling 16th place out of the 31 manufacturers. That's not the best result for a luxury marque, but it did outperform key competitors such as Audi, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

To read the full list of large and luxury SUVs, head to the What Car? Reliability survey pages.

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