Used Citroën C2 2003 - 2009 review

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(2003 - 2009)
Citroën C2 (03 - 09)
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Which used Citroën C2 hatchback should I buy?

The entry-level 61bhp 1.1-litre unit is best. It isn't that quick, but it will be good enough for most drivers and running costs are minimal.

The 1.4-litre petrol gives more flexibility, and even delivers the same fuel economy as the 1.1, but costs more to buy and insure, a huge consideration for young drivers.

Avoid the 1.4's Sensodrive semi-automatic gearbox option - changes are too jerky and performance is impaired. There's also a 'Stop & Start' version, which cuts the engine when the car is stationary to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, but it's rare on the used market.

The range-topping cars have a 1.6-litre engine. In the VTR, it provides 110bhp, and in the VTS, it gives 123bhp. Both are great fun. Diesel fans can choose the 70bhp 1.4 turbodiesel, which gives almost 70mpg.

Trims range from L to SX. L is too basic, so choose Design - it gives you a CD player, electric front windows and remote central locking, but doesn't cost the earth.