Used Fiat Stilo 2001 - 2007 review

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2001 - 2007 review
Fiat Stilo (01 - 07)
  • Fiat Stilo (01 - 07)
  • Fiat Stilo (01 - 07)
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Our recommendations

Which used Fiat Stilo hatchback should I buy?

The most basic model, the 1.2 Activ, has a punchy engine and plenty of kit, including remote locking, four airbags and anti-lock brakes. And, because buying a Stilo only makes sense if it's done cheaply, this is the best model to buy. Go for the five-door, though, because it rides more smoothly, as well as being roomier and much more practical.

The 1.9 turbodiesel Activ is also worth going for - the engine is smooth and very economical - but it will cost more to buy than the 1.2. It came in two states of tune, with 115 or 80bhp, but the more powerful one is the one to go for. For one thing, it uses less fuel.

Otherwise, go for the 1.6 petrol, which is keen and quick. There's also a 1.8, but it feels no quicker than the 1.6 and will cost more to fuel and insure. A 2.4 Abarth hot hatch tops the range, but it's an unruly beast to drive and is scarce on the used market.