Used Ford Kuga 2008-2013

Used Ford Kuga 2008 - 2013 review

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(2008 - 2013)
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What should I look for in a used Ford Kuga 4x4?

Because the Kuga is based on the Ford Focus we expect it to be similarly reliable - which is generally good.

There are few consistent issues, such as the particle filter clogging up. Replacing the filter out of warranty is an expensive job, so if your journey consists of many short, low-speed journeys, an occasional motorway run at high revs could help clear the problem.

The one recall to date affects 2.0-litre diesel models built before March 2009. The brake pedal can stiffen due to a faulty valve within the brake system. This could result in longer stopping distances if the brakes were applied too often at the beginning of a journey.

What are the most common problems with a used Ford Kuga 4x4?

Is a used Ford Kuga 4x4 reliable?