Used Ford Puma Coupe 1997 - 2002

Used Ford Puma Coupe 1997 - 2002 review

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(1997 - 2002)
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Which used Ford Puma coupe should I buy?

The 123bhp 1.7-litre is the one to go for. It's smooth, frugal and makes a tuneful, sporting noise. There isn't much pull at low revs, but it revs so freely - and the gearchange is so rewarding and addictive - that this isn't a problem. In fact, it suits the car's character perfectly.

The 89bhp 1.4, launched in February 1998, is flexible enough but can feel short of performance. It was replaced in October 2000 by a stronger 101bhp 1.6. However, neither is a patch on the 1.7.

You may come across a Puma Racing - a lower, wider, 153bhp 1.7-litre version. It's a great drive, but far rarer and more extreme. Unless you're a track-day regular, the standard car is the better bet.

There was only one trim level and many cars won't have a passenger airbag or air-con unless their first owners paid extra for them.