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Used Ford Transit Custom 2012-2019 review

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(2012 - 2019)
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What should I look for in a used Ford Transit Custom van?

Do all the usual checks you'd do with a van of this size. It'd be prudent to check the bodywork for scuffs and dents, and make sure the wheels look properly aligned. The interior is tough, so look for marks in the back and make sure all electrical equipment works as it should. 

The good news is the Transit Custom has an excellent reliability record, but the only fly in the ointment is the 2.0-litre engine. These smooth and powerful units seem to require more oil than is usual, and the problem has been traced back to the injectors. This can be fixed with a trip to the dealers and a software update, although there are reports of long waits for replacement injectors. 

A notice was also issued regarding a fault with the brake booster, so it's worth checking if the van you're looking at has had any work done there. 

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Ford Transit Custom

What are the most common problems with a used Ford Transit Custom van?

Is a used Ford Transit Custom van reliable?

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