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What should I look for in a used Infiniti Q30 hatchback?

Premium models have leather interiors so you should check to see if this has been looked after. Even if the upholstery isn’t leather you need to check for stains and damage to the material, and be vigilant in checking for rips or tears. It is always worth having a look at the alloy wheels for any kerb damage and the bodywork for particularly nasty dents or scratches as these can be expensive to rectify. Also take a minute to test the electrical functions of the car such as the infotainment system, windows, air con and any heated window functions which affect your visibility if not fully functional.

What are the most common problems with a used Infiniti Q30 hatchback?

Poor Visibility
The Q30 has small windows and large pillars which mean there is restricted visibility for a car of this size.

Gear shift indicator may not display
Vehicles with this fault have been recalled and the gear shift indicator software has been upgraded. Your manufacturer should resolve this issue free of charge if you experience it with your vehicle.

Airbag may not deploy correctly
The compound which triggers the airbag deployment may be faulty meaning that it is possible that an affected airbag may not deploy in an accident. As part of the recall the affected airbags will be replaced with a new quality assured component.

Rear seatbelt may not secure the passenger
Rear seat belt buckles may make a rattling noise which is caused by the buckle nuts not being fully secure. In an extreme case the nut may come off and the rear seat belts will not restrain the rear passengers. The manufacturer will rectify this by securing the rear seat belt buckles nuts.

Anchorage point may be incorrectly positioned
Some customers may have difficulty applying the seatbelt or slowing the retraction speed when moving the belt. This is caused by an incorrectly assembled front seat belt which could cause the seat belt upper anchorage to be used at an incorrect angle. This could potentially mean that the front seat belt may not restrain the front seat passenger. The manufacturer has agreed to recall vehicles affected and replace the front seat belts.

Supplementary restraint system may not act as intended

In some cases the Airbag Control Unit (ACU) may not be correctly configured. The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) therefore might not perform correctly in the event of an accident. The recall involves a reprogram with latest ACU software.

Driver’s airbag may deploy unintentionally

In the worst case scenario this fault will cause an unintended deployment of the driver’s airbag. The steering column has no electrical connection to ground other than the spiral cable, which if damaged will trigger the airbag warning light. If the customer ignores the warning light and drives for extended periods of time an electrostatic charge may be discharged through the electrical circuit of the driver’s bag, causing the unintentional deployment. To resolve this a recall was made which fits a slip ring to the steering column on all affected vehicles.

Is a used Infiniti Q30 hatchback reliable?

We have little reliability data on the Q30 because it is a rare car in the UK. Infiniti's parent company Nissan finished in a disappointing 27th place out of 31 manufacturers in our most recent reliability survey. 

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