Used Jeep Compass 2007-2014 review

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(2007 - 2014)
Used Jeep Compass (07-14)
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What should I look for in a used Jeep Compass 4x4?

The Jeep Compass is the most road-biased Jeep the company has built, so check for the sort of damage that is typical of in-town use. Look for kerb damage to alloy wheels because refurbishment costs soon add up. Bumpers might be scuffed since parking sensors were an option, even on Limited specification.

There is a chance that the previous owner may have taken their Compass off road. While it will have a been designed for some excursions into the wilderness, have a look underneath the car for any odd dents, check that the exhaust hasn’t been knocked off its hangers and that the undercarriage isn’t caked in mud. If dirt is left there, it can trap water and lead to rust.

Used Jeep Compass (07-14)

What are the most common problems with a used Jeep Compass 4x4?

If you are thinking of purchasing a diesel model, check that the previous owner has taken the car on frequent motorway journeys to ensure that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) can regenerate, as this process is only triggered at high speed. A clogged-up DPF can be costly to replace.

Other potential problems with the DPF-equipped cars come if it has been shut off part way through regeneration. The result is contamination of the oil system with fuel, which leads to the oil level rising gradually over time. This can cause damage to the engine, if it hasn’t already, so it’s worth getting the car checked out if you notice the oil level rising.

Is a used Jeep Compass 4x4 reliable?

The Jeep Compass didn’t feature in our latest What Car? reliability survey, but based on the results of newer models, the news isn’t great. The latest Jeep Renegade came in 31st place out of 33 cars surveyed. Jeep came in stone dead last, out of 32 car brands included in the survey.

If you would like to see the full reliability list for large SUVs, head to the What Car? Reliability Survey pages for more information.


Used Jeep Compass (07-14)
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