Used Mazda Tribute 4x4 2001 - 2004 review

Category: Large SUV

Section: Ownership cost

2001 - 2004 review
Mazda Tribute 4x4 (01 - 04)
  • Mazda Tribute 4x4 (01 - 04)
  • Mazda Tribute 4x4 (01 - 04)
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Ownership cost

What used Mazda Tribute 4x4 will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Mazda Tribute 4x4?

The most obvious car to compare the Tribute to is the Maverick, with which it shares so much. And, unsurprisingly, the two cost almost the same to buy and run.

The insurance and fuel costs for the 2.0-litre versions also look pretty good next to the Land Rover Freelander's. However, if you compare them with cars such as the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, which are designed more for road use, it's not so good. A 4WD Tribute does 29mpg, whereas the RAV4 does 3mpg more.

The V6 is much more expensive in every way - fuel, servicing and insurance - but the real problem with the Tribute is that there was never a diesel version.

If you ever need unscheduled work on your Tribute, it should be pretty cheap. Warranty Direct says labour rates are typically among the lowest at Mazda dealers, and the average total cost of repairs is also very low.