Used Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe 2000 - 2007 review

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2000 - 2007 review
Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe (00 - 07)
  • Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe (00 - 07)
  • Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe (00 - 07)
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Our recommendations

Which used Mercedes CL coupe should I buy?

The CL500 was the most affordable CL when new and remains so in the used market. It's also the best of bunch as its 5.0-litre V8 has 302bhp to deliver commanding performance, refinement and even a modicum of economy, with 25.0mpg achievable with a light right foot. This model also does a fine job of combining sharp handling and a comfortable ride.

The CL600 offers more of the same as the 500, just with a whole load more oomph. It matches the CL65 AMG's performance, and both dispense with the 0-62mph dash in 4.8sec, but the 600 is much more refined.

The CL55 AMG uses the same 500bhp supercharged 5.4-litre V8 as the SL55. It's a superb engine, sounds great and goes like the clappers.

All CLs come with a lengthy list of luxury equipment.

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