Used Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2014-present review

Advice for buyers

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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Mercedes V-Class estate?

Parking scrapes should be few and far between, because the V-Class gets front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera as standard. However, those flat sides are susceptible to door dings in car parks, so check carefully for any dents.

The interior should be in pristine condition if the seller is asking for top money, so look out for any stains on the carpet, rips in the leather seats or marks to the plastics. Make sure all the electric functions work properly, too.

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What are the most common problems with a used Mercedes V-Class estate?

Front wheel bearing

There was an issue with the bearing retaining clip on certain versions of the V-Class. Affected models were required to be taken back to a Mercedes-Benz dealer for inspection, and the clip will either be refitted or replaced.

Emissions recall

Certain models were required to have updated software installed to reduce their NOx emissions. In some cases, the NOx sensors positioned before and after the catalytic converter would also need to be replaced.

Front passenger airbag light

There was an issue with the front passenger airbag light failing to illuminate in some circumstances. To fix the fault, a Mercedes-Benz dealer would have to reprogram the airbag control unit.

Electrical wiring in the steering column

The clock spring on the steering column could break, causing warning messages to appear in the instrument cluster or, in extreme circumstances, the driver’s airbag to deploy. Recalled models would need work done on the steering column to solve the problem.

Missing spot welds

A tiny number of V-Classes had a problem with missing spot welds on the rear cross member, which could compromise safety. The affected vehicles should have been inspected by a Mercedes-Benz dealer and had the area corrected with additional welding.

Loose wire fixings

On models with swivelling front seats, the wire fixing might work loose when the seat is moved. This could damage the wiring harness or, in the worst case scenario, deactivate the thorax airbag. Models built after June 2017 received upgraded wiring, which will be retrofitted to older examples affected by this issue.

Exterior door handles

On a small number of V-Classes, the front exterior door handles weren’t installed correctly. Affected vehicles would need these handles either repaired or replaced.

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Is a used Mercedes V-Class estate reliable?

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