Used MG ZS 2017 - present review

Advice for buyers

Used MG ZS 2017 - present
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used MG ZS hatchback?

Excite and Exclusive versions of the MG ZS used fairly modest 17in alloy wheels, compared with the larger sizes available on some rivals. However, it’s still worth checking the condition of the wheels, because some buyers of SUVs like to drive up kerbs because of the extra ride height these vehicles have.

Look for any parking dents and scrapes that might have happened as part of urban life. Interiors need to be checked for scuffs to plastic trim pieces and stains on the carpets and seats.


What are the most common problems with a used MG ZS hatchback?

The MG ZS is still a relatively new model and, as such, hasn’t yet appeared on our Reliability Survey. Every new ZS came with a seven-year and even the earliest example will have plenty of that left. One word of caution is that MG is still building up its dealer coverage; it’ll be fine for the majority of potential customers in England but not so great if you live the outer reaches of Scotland, Wales or Cornwall.  

Is a used MG ZS hatchback reliable?

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