Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014 review

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(2007 - 2014)
Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014
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What used Mini Hatchback hatchback will I get for my budget?

An early 2007 1.6-litre petrol Cooper with average mileage could be yours for as little as £1800. The high-performance Cooper S starts at not much more than that, at around £3000 for a 2007 example with high mileage.

The insurance friendly Mini One makes a great first car for new drivers with a small 1.4-litre engine. A good one of these with a full-service history could be yours for £2300.

If you are willing to spend a bit more, a 2011 facelift car starts around £4000, all the way up to £18,000 for a low mileage John Cooper Works GP.

Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014

How much does it cost to run a Mini Hatchback hatchback?

After the initial purchase, you’ll find that the Mini is actually quite an economical vehicle. When the range was refreshed in 2011, most models gained a start/stop system to help cut emissions and improve fuel consumption.

Before the introduction of the stop-start system, the 1.4-litre managed a combined average of 49.6mpg and £135 tax; improving to 53.3mpg and £115 tax after the system was fitted. The 1.6 petrol Cooper went from 48.7mpg and £135 tax to 52.3mpg and £115, and the Cooper S from 40.9mpg and £190 tax down to 48.7mpg and £135 tax.

The diesel Cooper jumped the most from 64.2mpg and £30 tax to 74.3mpg and free road tax. From 2011, a 2.0-litre diesel was offered that had an average figure of 65.7mpg and £30 road tax.

Most models will have relatively low insurance costs thanks to their excellent safety record, but the faster Cooper S model will be pricey. Servicing shouldn’t be too costly, with the Mini Value service offering a clear, set price for regular servicing and maintenance items.


Used Mini Hatchback 2007-2014
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