Used Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4 2000 - 2008 review

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2000 - 2008 review
Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4 (00 - 08)
  • Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4 (00 - 08)
  • Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4 (00 - 08)
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Which used Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 4x4 should I buy?

Although there was a short-lived dual-fuel version of the Shogun Sport, your choice is basically a 3.0-litre V6 petrol or 2.5-litre turbodiesel. For us, it's the diesel every time.

Although they're less powerful than the petrol models, diesel models have lower gears, so it's almost as strong at low revs as the larger V6. It's also more suited to off-road use and returns better fuel economy.

It's also cheaper to insure, because (unlike the petrol) it's available in basic Classic trim, and this is the version we think makes the best buy. The Shogun Sport is a workhorse, so there's no point shelling out for luxuries you don't need.

That said, Classic is the only version with no air-con, so you may decide to upgrade to Equippe or (with the V6 petrol only) Elegance. For the ultimate in luxury (including leather upholstery), you'll need to find a Warrior model, which was introduced in late 2003.

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