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Alpina XB7

2020 - present

Fast, luxurious and hugely practical, but so is the much cheap...

Audi Q7

2019 - present

A brilliant luxury SUV, majoring on comfort and ...

Audi Q8

2018 - present

Classy, spacious and refined, the Q8 is a tempting high-end co...


2019 - present

Great interior and fun to drive, but diesels can be gruff



2019 - present

Big, bold, practical and comfortable with a luxurious interior...

Bentley Bentayga

2020 - present

The Bentley Bentayga is one of the most complete and compellin...

Genesis GV80

2021 - present

Not without its strengths but there are better all-rounders

Land Rover Discovery

2020 - present

Hugely capable and very desirable, and equally at home both on...

Lexus RX

2019 - present

The Lexus RX is well-equipped and relatively frugal, but is ot...

Lexus RX L

2019 - present

The Lexus RX L is comfy and well built – but hardly...

Maserati Levante

2019 - present

The Maserati Levante is spacious and well equipped, but the dr...

Mercedes G-Class

2018 - present

There’s no sensible reason to buy a G-Class, but it’s har...

Mercedes GLE

2019 - present

Some rivals are more practical and better to drive, but the Me...

Mercedes GLS

2020 - present

Luxurious and well equipped, but the best rivals are more prac...

Range Rover

2018 - present

The Range Rover still has bags of appeal, even though there ar...

Range Rover Sport

2018 - present

Some rivals are faster and more fun to drive, but few are as c...

Range Rover Velar

2017 - present

A stylish, refined and a seriously appealing SUV

Volkswagen Touareg

2018 - present

The VW Touareg has loads of space but is limited to five...

Volvo XC90

2019 - present

Classy, practical and refined, the Volvo XC90 is a fine s...