1. Maybach Zeppelin

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1. Maybach Zeppelin

Amid all the small cars and eco-specials at the Geneva show, there's still room for a bit of excess like the limited-edition Maybach Zeppelin models.

Based on the standard 5.7-metre or stretched 6.2-metre Maybachs, and powered by an uprated 6.0-litre V12 twin-turbo engine delivering 633bhp, these behemoths are for the lucky few who aren't even aware there's a recession.

Whether wealth goes hand-in-hand with good taste is open to personal interpretation. The paintwork, for example, is two-tone black and brown, while the leather trim is a combination of black and cream with diamond quilting.

There are lambskin carpets and, in the stretched version, Zeppelin-monogrammed champagne flutes and an optional partition screen between the front and rear of the cabin.

For an extra 3500, at current exchange rates, you can get an upmarket Airwick that will fill the cabin with your favourite aromas.

Only 100 Zeppelins will be made, and the number coming to the UK will depend on supply and demand, although with prices likely to start at around 365,000 you probably won't get trampled in the rush. Production starts almost immediately.

Why we didn't like it A more overblown, grotesque car would be hard to find - and you just know that anyone who bought one would be appalling company.

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