Something for the weekend: Maybach coupe

* First coupe delivered this July * Only 100 will be built * Yours for just 665,000...

Something for the weekend: Maybach coupe

If exclusivity is everything, this converted Maybach 57S coupe could be the answer.

The two-door, four-seater Maybach is the work of specialist coachbuilder Xenatec and has the backing of Mercedes, which will provide each of the underlying 57S saloons direct to the company's factory in Germany.

The chassis, engine and transmission are carried over unchanged from the 345,687 saloon, so you can expect 0-62mph in 5.0sec, a top speed of 171mph and average economy of 17.2mpg.

So why is the coupe another 320,000 more than the saloon at 665,000? Besides the completely different interior, the coupe obviously has to have quite a bit of bodyshop work.

Most notably, the B-pillar of the car a major structural component is shifted back by 200mm to allow for easier access to the rear seats. The front and rear pillars are also changed while the coupe has entirely new doors, side panels, front and rear bumpers, taillights and exhaust.

Pick from a range of single or two-tone colour paintworks, an optional glass roof and 20- or 21-inch wheels. Customers will be able to customise as much as they like, depending on the depth of their pockets. Later in the year Xenatac promises it will also unveil Sports and Evo versions of the car.

Each of the coupes will benefit from the same four-year unlimited-mileage warranty that the saloon gets through the Maybach network.

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