2017 Land Rover Discovery reader test team review

The new Land Rover Discovery large SUV mixes stylish looks for urban families, off-road ability for mud enthusiasts and the practicality to suit both camps...

Jason Busch

Age: 40 Job: Senior service advisor Drives: Land Rover Freelander


2017 Land Rover Discovery reader test team review

"I’m a real fan of the Land Rover brand, and this car meets my expectations of what a Discovery should be. You always have your doubts when something you love is replaced. From seeing pictures, I was skeptical, but having seen it in the metal, I’m very happy.

“The Discovery’s design signatures – its stepped roof, square back end and asymmetrical numberplate – are iconic, so I’m glad that those remain, but I’m also pleased that some of the Discovery Sport’s design elements have been copied across.

“I’m excited about the 900mm wading depth and that the car can go to more extremes off road. I’m amazed by the new driving assists for off-roading, which include an autonomous driving system.

“I was concerned about the loss of the split tailgate. The boot is now a hatchback, but there’s a flap that automatically folds up and down; I think it’s actually more practical.

“The boot space with the seven seats up is easily big enough to get your hiking gear in there. A roof box and roof rails are also options.

“The third-row seats are full-sized, comfy and roomy, plus they get cupholders and USB ports.”

Rated 5 out of 5

Trevor Cox

Age: 65 Job: Retired Drives: BMW M3 and Volkswagen Golf


2017 Land Rover Discovery reader test team review

“I’ve just retired, so I’m looking for a car that I can go touring around Europe in. When I worked in the Middle East, I bought a Land Rover Freelander. It was my first 4x4, and I was delighted with the comfort, capable driving experience and high driving position, so I’d like a similar car, but one that’s also spacious and fairly luxurious.

“This Discovery looks really nice – the best of the current Land Rover range. The Evoque is great for young people, but this is the one for me. It might be a bit large for what I need, but I’m still tempted.

“The smaller Discovery Sport has a much larger boot than I had expected, but this is enormous; I could easily get a pair of suitcases and my golf clubs in there.

“All the seats are very comfy and have plenty of head and leg room.

“There are a lot of useful new features on the infotainment, such as syncing with your iPhone’s calendar to automatically set up the sat-nav.

“I’m really fussy about design detail, but I’m impressed by the Discovery. The car’s exterior is put together and finished very well, with minimal panel gaps. The interior is top notch, too, both for material quality and sturdiness.”

Rated 4 out of 5

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