2022 Mercedes A250e verdict

The Mercedes A250e is a new plug-in hybrid with an impressive electric-only range. Time to find out if it's as good in other areas...

2019 mercedes a 250 e silver parked front charge

The A250e isn’t immune to some of the hurdles that can afflict hybrid cars; the transition between power sources could be smoother and its handling has been blunted somewhat by the added weight of the batteries. But once you start to look at the A250e as an overall package, it’s hard to ignore the benefits the hybrid system brings. 

With a 44 mile all-electric range, plenty of buyers will be able to complete their commute on electric power alone, provided they charge the car at home or at the office. And better yet, if you’re a company car buyer, the A250e could save you a whole heap of money in tax – we might even go so far to say it's a bit of a game changer in this respect. 

Even though the A250e goes head-to-head with both the Volkswagen Golf GTE and Audi A3 TFSi e, its ability to be a quick yet frugal premium hatchback means that it should be near the top of your short list. 

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What Car? says

Rated 4 out of 5

Mercedes A250e AMG Line Premium Edition specification

Price £36,780 Engine 4cyl, 1332cc, turbo, petrol, plus electric motor Power 215bhp @ 5500rpm Torque 331lb ft @ 1600rpm Gearbox 8-spd automatic 0-62mph 6.6sec Top speed 146mph Fuel economy 256.8mpg (WLTP combined) CO2, tax band 23g/km, 8% 

Rivals Audi A3  Volkswagen Golf

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