2023 Mercedes Vision EQXX electric car revealed: price, specs and release date

New Mercedes Vision EQXX luxury four-door coupé promises the longest range of any electric car, at up to 620 miles between charges...

Mercedes EQXX front

On sale Late 2023 | Price from £110,000 (est)

Some things make you sit up and take notice. Were an alien to suddenly appear and ask directions to the nearest post office, for example, most people would stop what they were doing and have a good stare. Similarly, anyone driving the car this Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept will become is guaranteed their share of glances, because it looks like nothing else on the road.

In concept form, the EQXX is a luxurious four-door coupé with a swept-back, low-slung appearance, with a tapered rear end and large air intakes in the corners of its front bumper – all designed to help it slip through the air easily.

Mercedes EQXX rear

The numbers back up the EQXX’s 22nd-century styling, because it will have the longest range of any electric car. The current record holder, the Mercedes EQS luxury limo, can officially manage up to 484 miles in 450+ form. The EQXX, in comparison, promises up to 620 miles between charges – enough to drive the car from Mercedes’ HQ in Stuttgart back to London without stopping for a top-up.

While most technical details are under wraps for now, we know that the Vision EQXX is powered by a single electric motor developing around 201bhp, with energy fed from a battery with a usable capacity of less than 100kWh. Cleverly, the EQXX can also draw limited power from the sun, thanks to 117 solar cells in its roof. On a sunny day, the system can add up to 15 miles of range.

Inside the Vision EQXX, the dashboard is dominated by a huge, 47.5in screen running the width of the car. The display features 8K resolution and claims to offer the kind of graphics hitherto only seen on games consoles.

Mercedes EQXX interior

Among the system’s features is a virtual companion who can deliver information on your journey, including offering suggestions of things to do once you get to your destination. The guide will be able to react better to your commands than the systems in today’s cars, thanks to a better range of responses and sharper listening skills. In short, it should feel close to talking to another person.

Materials used inside the car range from vegan silk, to a leather alternative made from mushrooms. The carpets, meanwhile, are made from bamboo fibres.

Mercedes EQXX side

The production version of the EQXX will be a rival for high-end versions of the Tesla Model S and Audi E-tron GT, and will in effect replace today’s Mercedes CLS. Prices should start from around £110,000. The concept’s technology will also filter down into a new range of Mercedes electric cars over time.

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