Alasdair Rodden

Alasdair Rodden
Editorial apprentice

Alasdair Rodden has been an editorial apprentice at What Car? since October 2022, through which he is building knowledge and experience in the world of motoring journalism. He is looking forward to starting the NCTJ Level 5 Diploma in journalism with Press Association Training in 2023.

Alasdair is also part-way through studying for a degree in Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University, where he has been increasing his understanding of cars, car design and the automotive sector as a whole.

This ever-growing interest has led to many things: a passion for car photography, involvement with automotive charity StarterMotor and, of course, an apprenticeship at What Car?.

In his current role Alasdair produces content for both the website and the magazine, in addition to supporting production of the daily newsletter and updating existing content. A significant highlight of his time at What Car? so far has been getting a print byline in the January 2023 issue of the magazine.

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