9. Seat Exeo

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Jim Holder
06 October 2008

9. Seat Exeo

Seat's new family car, the Exeo, gets its first airing here in Paris too, before it goes on sale in the UK next April.

It's based on the previous-generation Audi A4 and ditches Seat's current trend of calling its cars after places in Spain.

The car shown in Paris is powered by a 198bhp 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine. Fuel economy is estimated at 36.6mpg, while emissions should be below 185g/km of carbon dioxide.

The car has double-thickness door windows, which is supposed to reduce noise inside the car. Other technological features include adaptive headlights that turn as the car turns, lighting the inside of the corner, and a 'solar roof' that can power the car's climate control.

UK prices and specifications will be announced later.

The Sports Tourer version - Seat's sporty term for estate - will probably be launched at next spring's Geneva motor show

Why we didn't like it It's a dressed-up Audi A4 - and it's clothes are slightly out of fashion.