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Your really shouldn't take the reliability of a car makers products for granted. The truth is that some are a great deal better than others, and the worst cars could leave you stranded miles from home.

Thats why What Car? has teamed up with Warranty Direct, the UKs largest independent warranty provider, to give you that knowledge. Every year Warranty Direct pays out millions of pounds in repair bills, so it knows exactly what goes wrong and how much it costs to put right. Our survey covers the past 12 months of breakdowns and includes cars registered up to 10 years ago.

31st out of 32

Last years position 28th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 47%
Average repair cost 420
Star model 166 (99-05)
Alfa has a poor track record in our reliability surveys. This year its worst model, the GTV (96-03), recorded a shocking 77 failures per 100 cars, with the GT (05-) just behind at 68 per 100. Just under a third of all Alfa failures were down to the axles and suspension, with engine faults the next biggest issue causing more than 15% of problems.

25th out of 32

Last years position 24th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 31%
Average repair cost 478
Star model A4 Cabriolet (05-09)
Audi has improved on last years result, and even has a car in the top three most reliable models. The A4 Cabriolet (05-09) finished third overall, with a failure rate of just four cars in 100. Just under a third of all complaints were caused by the cars electrics, while Audis also suffer a comparatively high number of transmission troubles.

23rd out of 32

Last years position 10th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 28%
Average repair cost 384
Star models 1 Series (04-07), 3 Series (05-), 6 Series (03-)
Its a bit of an eye-opener to see BMW sliding down the reliability table this year. Some models such as the 1 Series (04-07), 3 Series (05) and the 6 Series (03-) achieved five stars, but there were a number of rotten apples, including the 7 Series (94-02), M3 (01-07), X3 (04-) and X5 (00-07).

18th out of 32

Last years position 27th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 27%
Average repair cost 371
Star model Crossfire (03-08)
Chryslers mid-field result is flattered by
strong performances from the Crossfire
(03-08) and the PT Cruiser (00-08),
which managed five- and four-star ratings respectively. The rest of the range is stuck in a rut, with two- or one-star results. The worst is the Grand Voyager (97-01), with 55 failures per 100 cars.

11th out of 32

Last years position 14th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 23%
Average repair cost 262
Star model Saxo (96-04)
Citron just misses out on a top-10 slot, but still manages to beat prestige rivals such as Volkswagen and Volvo. The majority of its cars earned four- or five-star results, with the Saxo (96-04) and C5 (04-08) the stand-out models. Just under a third of all problems were down to the electrics, and overall Citron had one of the lowest
average repair bills.

12th out of 32

Last years position 13th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 24%
Average repair cost 301
Star model Lacetti (04-)
Daewoo posts a decent improvement over last years result, with the newer models in its line-up proving the most reliable. The Lacetti (04-) finished with just 12 cars per 100 failing, with the Matiz (03-) not far behind at 15 per 100. Interestingly, the Daewoos in our survey had the highest average age of all cars, and one of the lowest average hourly rates charged by garages if things did go wrong.

21st out of 32

Last years position 23rd out of 30
Cars needing repair work 27%
Average repair cost 237
Star model Panda (03-)
The perky Panda was Fiats most reliable model, with 11 faults per 100 cars, but used buyers should steer clear of the Stilo (02-07) with 45 faults per 100. The majority of models delivered average results, but the Ulysse MPV stands out, because it also managed a five-star rating, with only 17 failures per 100 cars. On average, a Fiat took under two hours to repair.

14th out of 32

Last years position 9th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 25%
Average repair cost 256
Star model Fiesta (96-02)
Ford has lost ground to its main rivals, gradually slipping down our reliability table over the past few years, despite a smaller percentage of its cars requiring work. The Fiesta (96-02), the Fusion (02-) and the Puma (97-02) managed top marks for durability. The ageing Escort (90-01) is best avoided, however, because 75 cars in 100 required work.

The S2000 is Honda's star car, and comes top overall this year**HONDA
1st out of 32**

Last years position 1st out of 30
Cars needing repair work 7%
Average repair cost 317
Star model S2000 (99-09)
Hondas stranglehold on our reliability supertest continues, with a fifth straight year as winner. On average, Hondas suffered 3% fewer problems compared with the year before, but the average repair bill rose by 47 over the same period. Every Honda in our survey received a five-star rating, and even the Accord (99-03), its worst performer, had a failure rate of just 14 cars per 100.

17th out of 32

Last years position 19th out of 30
Cars needing repair work 27%
Average repair cost 420
Star model X-type (01-09)
A below-average performance from Jaguar doesnt bode well. The X-type (01-09) was the only model to rate four out of five for reliability the rest of the range came in with three stars or less. The average cost of repairs was also one of the highest in our survey. The S-type (98-09) produced the largest single repair bill from a Jaguar, at more than 4000.

9th out of 32

Last years position Not in survey
Cars needing repair work 20%
Average repair cost 353
Star model Sorento (03-)
For its first showing in our reliability survey, Kia managed a respectable ninth overall, despite some mixed results. The Sorento (03-) just beat the Sportage (99-) to be best of brand, and both earned five stars, but the majority of models received just one or two stars. The exception was the four-star Carens MPV (00-06) with 21 faults per 100 cars.

1 Honda
S2000 (99-09)
2 faults per 1002 Mazda
Premacy (99-04)
2 faults per 100 3 Audi
A4 Cabriolet (05-09)
4 faults per 100 4 Chrysler
Crossfire (03-08)
4 faults per 100 5 Honda
HR-V (99-05)
5 faults per 1006 Mazda
MX-5 (98-05)
5 faults per 100 7 Mitsubishi
Colt (04-)
5 faults per 1008 Honda
Accord (02-08)
7 faults per 1009 Honda
Civic (96-01)
7 faults per 10010 Honda
CR-V (01-06)
8 faults per 100