Aston Martin put on three-day week

* New Monday to Wednesday shift * Workers' hours will be banked * Move follows 600 redundancies...

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Jim Holder
28 January 2009

Aston Martin put on three-day week

Aston Martin has put its production line workers on a three-day week.

The move is Aston Martin's latest attempt to manage the downturn in car sales, after it announced in December that 600 workers would be made redundant.

Workers at the company's Gaydon factory will be put on a new shift pattern and will be working Mondays to Wednesdays.

Aston Martin says the move is temporary and workers will continue to be paid, with their hours being 'banked' and claimed back at a later date.

A spokesman for the car maker said: 'Like other premium car brands, Aston Martin has been forced to take action to respond to the unprecedented downturn in the global economy.

'Following detailed consultation with our trade union partners we have agreed further measures to help manage our way through this challenging period, while minimising the impact on our employees as much as possible.'