Audi R8 Spyder V8 driven

* New 'entry-level' R8 Spyder * On sale now, from 95,545 * MPG 19.6mpg; CO2 337g/km...

Audi R8 Spyder V8 driven

Its easy to get caught in the R8 Spyders trap. Its great to look at and even better to be looked at in. If the 518bhp V10 version has more bite than you need, check out this tame new V8 version.

Its all relative, of course with 424bhp, its still fast enough to have you howling with laughter, even if it isnt quite as brutal as the V10.

On the subject of howling, the V8 doesnt sound quite as brassy as the V10, but bury the throttle through a tunnel, and the V8 will still give you goosebumps.

Its even more thrilling than the V10 in corners, though. You get the same mix of awesome grip, rock-solid body control and sharp steering, but with a lightness and litheness the heavier V10 cant match.

Youll barely feel any flex through the body, and the ride is superb for a supercar. Itll comfortably cope with a long journey.

Small compromise big saving
If youre after the ultimate supercar experience, the V8s lower price wont tempt you away from the stupendously quick V10. If nine-tenths of the experience will do, though, the V8 saves you 21,115. As savings go, thats far from incy-wincy.

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