Audi TT Roadster vs Mercedes-Benz SLC

Are a new name and a thorough refresh enough for the Mercedes-Benz SLC to take the lead from Audi's drop-top TT?...

Audi TT Roadster vs Mercedes-Benz SLC

What are they like inside?

Both cars offer plenty of room for two tall adults along with fine driving positions, thanks to comfortable seats and lots of steering wheel adjustment. However, it’s a shame that neither car has adjustable lumbar support.

The Audi TT interior feels more upmarket than the Mercedes SLC. Its switches click with more precision, and while both interiors have plenty of soft-touch surfaces, the Audi’s feel plusher. Everything in the TT seems better screwed together too, because there are far fewer creaks and squeaks from the trim and dash on bumpy roads.

You have to pay extra to get sat-nav in both cars. It’s more reasonably priced in the SLC (£595 versus £1490), but the SLC’s infotainment system isn’t as intuitive as the TT’s and makes do with a relatively small 7.0in screen in the centre of the dashboard.

Audi TT Roadster vs Mercedes-Benz SLCAudi TT Roadster vs Mercedes-Benz SLC

The TT gets a 12.3in screen that is mounted directly behind the steering wheel – something Audi calls a Virtual Cockpit. It puts all the infotainment functions, including sat-nav maps and radio stations, closer to your line of sight, and the whole system is remarkably easy to get used to.

The Mercedes has more interior stowage space, though, including a bigger glovebox and deeper cubby under the centre armrest. It also has a slightly bigger boot when the roof is up. So, while the TT will carry a couple of overnight bags, the SLC should manage a third and, thanks to its wider opening, it’s also capable of carrying bulkier items. The catch is that the SLC’s boot almost halves in size when you drop the hood, so for roof-down load lugging the TT is the more practical of the two.

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