BMW iX3 long-term test: report 9

Earlier this year, we named the BMW iX3 the best electric SUV to drive, but how easy is it to live with?...

LT BMW iX3 - loading up boot

The car BMW iX3 M Sport Pro Run by Steve Huntingford, editor

Why it's here We want to see if this large SUV is a great all-rounder, rather than a one-trick pony

Needs to Combine its precise handling with comfort, refinement and range worthy of a £60k+ electric car

Mileage 4648 List price £65,865 Target Price £65,215 Price as tested £63,970 Test range 240 miles Official range 282 miles

26 August 2022 – Compare and contrast

In most respects, the fact that my BMW iX3 is based on a regular X3 is a good thing, because it means it offers the same strengths as that car – of which there are plenty.

However, one downside is that you get less underfloor storage space in the boot, due to the need to accommodate the rear-mounted motor. There’s just a small area towards the back, which isn’t big enough to take the charging cables, meaning they have to share space with your shopping.

LT BMW iX3 boot compared with BMW X3 xDrive30e boot

Still, after recently seeing the boot of a plug-in hybrid X3 xDrive30e that was in on test, I’m feeling less hard done by. This has its battery towards the rear of the car (instead of under the occupants, as in the iX3) which has required BMW to raise the boot floor. The load space is smaller and shallower as a result. And you still can’t fit the charging cables beneath.

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