Cadillac down to just one dealer

* Sole Cadillac dealer in Manchester * Some cars just left-hand-drive * Approved dealers countrywide to service cars...

Cadillac down to just one dealer

Cadillac is continuing to sell cars in the UK but only from a single dealer.

American car specialists Bauer Millett in Manchester is selling the CTS and CTS-V saloon and CTS coupe and sportwagons, plus the SRX crossover and Escalade SUV, although some of the cars are available only as left-hand drive models.

'With the problems at GM, and with Cadillac being a low volume sales operation, we have reduced our sales activities,' said a Cadillac salesman.

'We aren't launching any new right-hand-drive models, so there is limited interest in Cadillac in the UK. Our exotic V models have a following, but it is a limited group of enthusiasts and they are happy to buy left-hand drive.'

Cadillac also has approved dealers around the country, in order to maintain cars sold before it reduced its sales operations.