Charge of the light brigade

* Electric Dodge driven * 0-60mph in less than 5s * Based on Lotus Europa...

Charge of the light brigade

Once you turn the key there's no gear leaver to fiddle with, simply release the handbrake and press a button marked D.

Electric motors produce their maximum pull as soon as they're energised, so the Circuit EV has impressive acceleration off the line - with a claimed 0-60mph time of less than five seconds.

If conditions allow you can also reach to a top speed of 120mph. The motor develops the equivalent of 268bhp.

The main surprise in driving the Circuit is the lack of noise. Drive the lotus it's based on and you'd get a vocal engine rasping away behind your head but, other than a rumble from the tyres and slight whine as speed picks up, the EV is whisper quite.

It's easy to drive, with power-assisted steering, and you don't have to worry about changing gear as the electric drive train doesn't need a gearbox.