Chevrolet extends Aveo range

* Crossover, saloon and sporty RS * Saloon to be revealed in January * Crossover and RS at least two years away...

Chevrolet extends Aveo range

Chevrolet is working on further versions of the new Aveo supermini, which was revealed in five-door hatchback form at the Paris motor show just a few weeks ago.

One is a sporty three-door RS model, which was shown in concept form at the Detroit auto show at the beginning of this year, but the company also has a compact crossover design study that's not far from being finalised. There will also be an Aveo saloon, although that will not come to the UK.

All have been created in Korea at the former Daewoo headquarters, now renamed GM Daewoo Auto and Technology.

Saloon to be revealed in January
The saloon will be shown in production form at the next Detroit show in January, but the RS and crossover have yet to be signed off, so even if given the green light they are unlikely to be on sale for at least a couple of years.

They are not confirmed for production, but they are not far from being finalised, says Taewan Kim, GM Daewoo head of design. We know the importance of the SUV segment for the European market. Both designs have been created with crash-test requirements in mind, so they are feasible for production as they are.

Both use the new General Motors small-car platform that will also underpin the next Vauxhall Corsa.

The as-yet-unnamed five-door crossover has a slightly longer wheelbase than the Aveo supermini and would be an obvious rival for the likes of the Mini Countryman, Nissan Juke and Skoda Yeti.

Weve seen a full-size clay model of the car as well as an interior styling buck, and it could stand its ground against any of them. It has a powerful three-tier front grille set into a prominent nose section. The Chevy bow-tie badge is mounted high in a bar dissecting the upper two sections.

The interior continues the dual-cockpit theme that is becoming a standard Chevrolet feature, and also maintains the huge quality improvements seen in the companys other recent newcomers.

Aveo RS
Hopes that the RS might also make it to production have been lifted by the knowledge that there is strong demand for it from America as well as Europe. The new Aveo will be built and sold in America as well as Korea.

Chevrolet claims to be the fastest-growing brand in the world, selling a car somewhere around the globe every 7.6 seconds. GM Daewoo produces 25% of Chevrolets output and by 2015 will be turning out 98% of the Chevrolets that come to Europe.