Chrysler focuses on service and repair

* Chrysler ties-in with Motor Codes * to survey customers and monitor standards * Live satisfaction scores on dealers' websites...

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What Car? Staff
03 August 2010

Chrysler focuses on service and repair

Chrysler is to monitor satisfaction levels at its dealerships with the help of Motor Codes, the body that ensures standards throughout the motor industry.

The adoption of the survey will mean Chrysler customers can see live satisfaction scores for each of the brand's 84 dealerships on the Motor Codes website.

Chrysler customer relationship manager Metin Tahsin said: 'Offering our customers an open and transparent survey with the added authority of the Motor Codes will provide even greater peace of mind and allows each of our dealers to publically demonstrate their high standards on the Motor Codes website.'

The voluntary Motor Codes body for service and repair was set up in response to wide-ranging criticism of standards in the industry. So far, more than 6000 garages have joined the scheme, which aims to assure quality service and offer conciliation and legally-binding arbitration in the event of disputes.