Chrysler's electric cars

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Chrysler's electric cars

Chrysler, it would seem, is knocking out electric car concepts faster than most of us can blink.

It says this is because electric cars represent the future of motoring, but cynics say that they are half-baked concepts that have been created to help Chrysler get more cash from Congress.

Whatever your take on the situation, Chrysler is doing its best to convince the wider world of its green credential by displaying its electric cars at the Geneva motor show.

Two of its five existing concept cars have made the journey, and show visitors will be pleased that they are also the two most visually interesting: the Chrysler 200C EV and Dodge Circuit EV.

Chrysler 200C EV
This concept car is capable of driving 40 miles on electric power alone, which is extended to 400 miles when the petrol engine is used to charge the lithium-ion battery.

It's said to hint at how the next Chrysler 300C saloon could look, and is based on a shortened version of that car's rear-wheel-drive platform.

As well as its green powertrain, the concept car stands out for its new technology features.

These include being able to create social networks with friends, tracking their journeys, and linking the car with home computers to plan journeys, log stop-off points and ensure your favourite music is transferred from home-based systems to your car.

Dodge Circuit EV
This Lotus Europa lookalike is a two-passenger, rear-wheel-drive sports car with a 264bhp electric motor that generates 480lb ft of pulling power.

That should equate to a 0-60mph time of under five seconds and a top speed of 120mph.

Chrysler expects lithium-ion technology to give the car a range of 150-200 miles between charges.