Deal of the Day: BMW 6 Series

Save more than £12,000 off the list price of a BMW 640d SE Coupé...

Deal of the Day: BMW 6 Series
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Jimi Beckwith
9 Feb 2016 09:30

We've found yet another huge saving on a BMW coupé, this one is the 640d SE Coupé.

Although a capable cruiser, particularly in diesel form, it’s also a pricey prospect, but the saving on offer brings the price to the right side of £50k.

The car BMW 640d SE
The saving £12,751
The discounted price £49,589
The online broker


The 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine pumps out 309bhp, meaning serious performance is only a flick of the accelerator away.

The amount of standard equipment on the 6 Series is impressive, with heated leather seats, dual-zone climate control, sat-nav, Bluetooth and front and rear parking sensors included.

The interior is as well-built as it is well-appointed, so is everything you could possibly want from a £50k coupé.


The rear seats aren’t a realistic proposition for adults; head and leg room are tight.

Steering feel isn’t as good as it should be, and the 6 Series never fails to shake its heavy feeling.

Should I add any options?

The 640d is already comprehensively kitted out, so we’d suggest enjoying the huge saving on offer and keeping things as they are.

What next?

Head over to, select New Car quote in the top-left corner, and follow the steps to take you to the BMW 6 Series range.