Deal of the day: Jaguar XK

* We've found savings of nearly £5000 off the Jaguar XK Signature * V8 engine is hugely powerful and chassis is well engineered * Comes with heated leather seats as standard...

Deal of the day: Jaguar XK

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The car: Jaguar XK Coupe Signature 5.0 V8
The saving: £4720
The discounted price: £50,255
The broker:

The Signature model replaces the standard V8, which was our favourite version of the Jaguar XK coupe. Despite not being the full-blooded XKR or XKR-S, this version still packs 380bhp from its sonorous 5.0-litre V8 engine.

It handles really nicely, too. The steering has a really natural weighting to it, and fine body control means the XK feels like a smaller car than it actually is. The XK feels most at home at speed, when its suspension soaks up bumps and undulations well and makes covering great distances easy.

There’s plenty of room for two average-sized occupants up front, and finding a driving position is easy since there’s loads of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel. Jaguar’s recent reputation for reliability has been solid; likewise the cabin feels well screwed-together.

Equipment is also quite generous. Heated leather seats, sat-nav, keyless starting, Bluetooth and dual-zone climate control come as standard, and you don’t need to specify much else.

The XK is an old car now. The original was first unveiled in 2005 and it’s starting to feel its age. The cabin is cramped compared to some competitors’ and the infotainment system is laughably antiquated compared to that in Audis and BMWs.

The rear seats don’t really function as such, considering there is no real rear legroom to speak of. The boot, too, might be a good length, but it’s an awkward size and shape, so it’s not really that practical in use.

The driving position is good, but drivers of a certain size may find them quite uncomfortable, because they’re fairly narrow. Equally, the view out of the back of the car is compromised slightly by the small rear window.

Some of the materials used lower down in the cabin are not quite to the quality you expect, either.

Should I add any options?
The XK is an expensive car and the Signature model comes with lots as standard, so we’d advise you keep the price as low as possible.

Should you want them, a heated steering wheel, remote garage door-opener, servicing packages, tyre pressure monitoring system and adaptive front headlights can be specified.

What next?
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