Electric Rolls-Royce Phantom

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Electric Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce has confirmed it will reveal an electric-powered Phantom at the Geneva motor show next week.

The concept car, known as the 102EX, will be used as a test bed for the company to gather data that will help form its future strategy on alternative drive-trains.

Rolls-Royces CEO, Torsten Mller-tvs, said: We have engineered the worlds first battery electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment.

With this vehicle, we begin an exploration into alternative drivetrains, seeking clarity on which technologies may be suitable to drive Rolls-Royce motor cars of the future.

On tour
The fully operational test car will tour Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, where Rolls-Royce owners will be offered test drives and the opportunity to give feedback on it. Enthusiasts, members of the public and the press will also be given the chance to participate.

While there are no plans to develop a production version of the 102EX, Rolls-Royce hopes it will serve to answer questions on range, how it operates in extreme climates, and whether or not it meets customer expectations of the luxury brand.

Mr Mller-tvs said: I must be convinced that any alternative drivetrain we choose for the future delivers an authentic Rolls-Royce experience.

It must be a technology that is right for our customers, our brand and which sets us on a sound footing for a sustainable future.

Join the debate with Rolls-Royce
If you want to join in the electric debate with Rolls-Royce, it has launched a dedicated website to cover the cars progress and to seek views on the wider alternative fuel debate. Access it at www.electricluxury.com.

A full technical spec and photos will be revealed next Monday.