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Every brand's most reliable car

Reliability is one of the top priorities for car buyers, so we've named each brand's most dependable model – plus, the savings currently available through our New Car Buying service...

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A crucial factor when choosing a car is reliability. If you go for something that's known to be dependable, you’re unlikely to have to pay out for anything other than consumables and servicing as it ages. However, make the wrong choice and you could be looking at big repair bills or, at the very least, the inconvenience of your car spending time off the road.

Here, then, we've named every brand's most dependable model aged up to five years old, based on the experiences of almost 25,000 people who completed the most recent What Car? Reliability Survey, which is run in association with MotorEasy.

In each case, we'll tell you what the car is like and look at exactly how well it performed in the survey. Plus, we'll reveal how much you can currently save on our favourite version if you use our free New Car Buying service to secure our Target Price discount.

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