What is Target Price?

Target Price forms the basis of What Car?'s New Car Deals service, and tells you how much you should really pay for your next car – here's how it works...

What is Target Price?

Target Price is the price we think you should pay for your new car. Every day, our mystery shoppers haggle to see what discounts are available across the UK to work out how much you should be prepared to spend on a given model.

What Car?'s approved dealers are then encouraged to match or beat that Target Price for buyers using our free online New Car Deals service – and if they don't, we'll highlight it to them – and to you.

Thanks to Target Price, our New Car Deals service strips away the hassle and aggravation of haggling, and gives you the confidence to drive away knowing you’ve got a great deal on your new car.

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Target Price is based on both cash and finance deals

We publish both Target Prices and Target PCP finance payments online and in What Car? magazine, so whether you're buying with cash or on finance, you can immediately see what you'll pay.

Our indicative monthly Target PCP rates are based on a four-year deal with a 32,000-mile limit (8000 miles per year) and a 15% deposit, unless otherwise stated. Because finance arrangements can be tailored to your needs, you should enquire with dealers for a plan which suits you, using Target PCP as a guide to determine whether the offer is fair.

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Why you can trust What Car?'s approved dealers

To ensure you get the best experience – and price – when buying a new car, we’ve partnered with manufacturer-approved franchised dealers across the UK.

When you're ready to discuss a deal on your new car, a personal finance quote or a part exchange valuation, we will connect you with our trusted dealers through our secure messaging service. They will respond by message, email or phone. You can select multiple dealers according to your own criteria; from those offering the cheapest prices, to the ones nearest to you.

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Why you can trust What Car? reviews

What Car? has been helping Britain’s car buyers find cars that suit their needs for more than 50 years. Our expert team of road testers put every new car through its paces, using dedicated test facilities, to ensure that our independent, in-depth new car reviews set the industry standard. We also name the best cars for your money in our annual Car of the Year Awards.

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Uniquely, we tell you the real-world fuel economy of the latest models with our Real MPG tests, and reveal how far electric cars can really go on a charge with our Summer Real Range test and Winter Real Range test. We also compile an annual Reliability Survey, using data from UK car owners, so you can quickly and easily discover the most reliable cars on sale. If the car you're looking for is no longer on sale, be sure to check out our used car reviews, or search our selection of used cars for sale.

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