Geneva 2012: Lamborghini Aventador J

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Geneva 2012: Lamborghini Aventador J

This is the Lamborghini Aventador J, a concept car based on the Lamborghini Aventador that makes its debut at the Geneva motor show 2012.

Lamborghini describes the Aventador J as the most extreme and uncompromising sportscar of its entire history. It has the 6.5-litre V12 petrol engine as the Aventador, but it has a radically re-designed body, with no windscreen or roof.

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The front of the Aventador J is slightly narrower than the Aventadors and has a carbonfibre air scoop with winglets on its outer edges. Carbonfibre is also used for the wider side sills and large rear air diffuser.

There are bespoke alloy wheels, with 20-inch rims and the ront and 21-inch examples at the rear. The side doors open upwards and are considerably lower than the Aventador's, with a small, fixed side window. Theres a large rear spoiler and unique Rosso J paintwork, too.

The Aventador J uses the same construction process as the Aventador, with a monocoque chassis made of carbonfibre-reinforced polymers. The re-designed body has a more dramatic look at the front, however, while there are two safety bars behind the seats.

There are two small wind deflectors instead of a windscreen. Between them is arm-mounted rear-view mirror, which sits on a body-coloured panel that sweeps through the centre of the cabin.

The Aventador Js bucket seats are made from a new type of carbonfibre material. Lamborghini says it improves shock absorption and comfort compared with conventional carbonfibre seats. Theres no entertainment system, satellite-navigation or air-conditioning Lamborghini says this would distract from the Concept Js extreme driving experience.

Lamborghini says just one Aventador Concept J model has produced and that it has already been sold - for a cool 2.1million Euros (before VAT).

A full production version is unlikely, but elements of the Aventador J are likely to feature on future high-performance Aventador models and the open-top Spyder version.

Leo Wilkinson

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