Honda CR-V long-term test: report 3

Can the latest breed of hybrid SUV cope with a monster commute? Our senior photographer, who previously ran a diesel Honda CR-V, is finding out...

LT Honda CR-V Hybrid in-car storage

The car: Honda CR-V 2.0i-MMD Hybrid 2WD SR eCVT Run by: Will Williams, senior photographer

Why it’s here: To find out if the new breed of hybrid SUVs handle not-very-urban driving

Needs to: Be comfortable, smooth-riding and economical on a colossal commute, with plenty of space for photography equipment

Price £35,570 Price as tested £36,420 Miles 8944 Official economy 49.6mpg (WLTP) Test economy 41.2mpg Options fitted Premium Crystal Red paint (£850)

1 July 2019 – Practically perfect

These days, it can feel like every car maker is fighting to build the sportiest models around. But I for one am glad that Honda has bucked this trend with the CR-V.

Don't get me wrong; it handles perfectly well. It's just that Honda has realised there are things that matter more in a large SUV, such as comfort and practicality. Indeed, the CR-V is packed with features that make life easier.

Warning: the following contains very middle-aged content.

For starters, the CR-V has possibly the largest centre console I've ever encountered, with the adjustable armrest that sits atop it hiding a deep storage bin that, in my case, usually contains a week's worth of snacks.

As a bonus, the bin contains twin USB ports and a 12v socket, which is great because it keeps my phone away from prying eyes when it's plugged in.

LT Honda CR-V Hybrid child mirror

Farther forward are two big cupholders ready for my iced latte macchiato, while beyond that is another cubby, perfectly sized to hold a large apple, and housing another 12v socket. 

When all this is combined with the massive door bins front and rear, I'd challenge anyone to say they don't have enough in-car storage.

The sunglasses holder in the roof is another handy touch, folding to reveal a perfectly damped convex, wide angle mirror that lets you keep an eye on the kids in the back seats.

And beyond the details, there's the huge boot and easy fold rear seats to ensure the CR-V makes a great family car. More on those next time – unless I get distracted by the nicely weighted steering.

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