Honda HR-V long-term test: report 3

Our sub-editor wants a car that takes all the effort and much of the expense out of his extremely long daily commute – can the hybrid Honda HR-V SUV deliver?...

Honda HR-V 2022 long-term stereo settings

The car Honda HR-V 1.5i-MMD Advance Style e-CVT Run by Chris Haining, sub-editor

Why it’s here To find out if a petrol hybrid can be the answer for somebody who covers long distances and wants to keep costs down

Needs to Effortlessly shrug off motorway trips while sipping petrol, be able to handle rough tracks, carry bulky loads 

Mileage 5460 List price £33,835 Target Price £33,096 Price as tested £34,660 Test economy 50.8mpg Official economy 67.3mpg

19 April 2022 – If music be the food of love...

A long, late slog from Coventry to Ipswich via the A14 isn't the kind of road trip that has the pulse racing as a prospect. And as the light faded, all I wanted to do was get home. The last thing I expected was a truly memorable journey, but – thanks to my Honda HR-V's stereo – that's exactly what I got.

That evening, BBC 6 Music DJ Steve Lamacq was playing Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety – an album that I've listened to so often that it's virtually coded into my DNA.

Honda HR-V 2022 long-term tweeter

Whether you love it or hate it, Dark Side is a very good test for an audio system, and the HR-V 's passed with flying colours. For one thing, the subwoofer does just what so many don't: shut up when it should do. It makes sure that the bottom octave is present and correct, without making everything else overblown and boomy as is so often the case. On top of that rock-solid foundation, everything else is clear, crisp, accurate and, above all, enjoyable. Three counties passed by in a blur.

In reality, though, a great stereo is exactly what the HR-V needs. With wide tyres that kick up a lot of road noise and the hyperactive way the engine revs when a burst of power is called for, it's not a quiet motorway cruiser. Still, being able to drown all that out is one thing, but turning torture into pleasure is quite a trick.

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