Promoted: Honda HR-V EX - clever ideas to keep you comfortable and safe


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1 Feb 2016 11:41 | Last updated: 4 Sep 2018 16:23

There’s plenty of competition in the burgeoning crossover SUV class, but Honda is aiming to ensure the HR-V EX stands out simply for being better. To do that, it’s packing the car with extras… as standard.

Honda HR-V EX buyers are rewarded with a car bulging with high-tech kit to make the drive more comfortable and, more importantly, safer.

There’s keyless entry, and the simple Honda Connect infotainment system uses Garmin’s powerful navigation tool to guide you with ease. There’s also DAB radio, Wi-Fi, internet access and the ability to sync apps from your mobile device.

The HR-V EX is also comes with a Driver Assistance Safety Pack, which is designed to make life simple and safe on the roads. It includes a warning light and alarm that tells you when you’ve crossed a white line, a sign-recognition system that displays the speed limit on the information screen, and an Intelligent Speed Limiter that prevents you going above the legal limit.

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