How to spec a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Our guide to Land Rover's large SUV covers which options to pick, which to avoid and how much to pay for it all...

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to choose and avoid

How to spec a Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a premium SUV that competes against both the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, as well as more mainstream cars such as the Peugeot 5008 and Skoda Kodiaq. It’s Land Rover’s best-selling model, having replaced the popular Freelander.

Available in both five and seven-seat forms, the Discovery Sport is a practical and comfortable choice, offering a great driving position and a strong range of engines. Of those, it’s the 178bhp 2.0-litre D180 diesel engine that we recommend for its reasonable real-world running costs, and we’d team it with S trim, which gets you most of the kit you’ll want.

Before you get as far as choosing a trim level, though, you have to choose whether to go for the regular Discovery Sport or the R-Dynamic version; the latter adds sportier styling touches, including different front and rear bumper designs, but is exactly the same car underneath. So we'd stick with the regular one unless you're really sold on the looks of the pricier R-Dynamic.

Our full 16-point review can tell you a lot more about the Discovery Sport, but here's our guide to the best options to add without breaking the bank.

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to choose

Land Rover Discovery Sport metallic paint

1. Metallic paint (£705)

Metallic paint adds value to your car and is an option we consistently recommend. Upgrade from the standard solid white or black to any of the seven regular metallic colours and you’ll pay a reasonable £705. There are also three premium paint options for £970.

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to choose

Land Rover Discovery Sport LED lights

2. LED fog lights (£195)

Fog lights can help you to see a lot further than standard headlights when the weather has limited your visibility, so this upgrade is worth choosing. They're LED lights, too, so are more powerful than standard bulbs.

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to choose

Land Rover Discovery Sport USB charging

3. USB chargers (£100)

Longer trips with the family won’t stay quiet for long if everyone can’t charge their devices. Our top tip? Pay £100 for USB chargers in the second and third rows of your Discovery Sport and enjoy the blissful silence that follows.

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to choose

Land Rover Discovery Sport parked up

4. Parking Pack (£560)

Take the stress out of parking by letting the car do it for you – Land Rover's Parking Pack gets you a self-parking system and a 360-degree camera setup, so you're always aware of what's around you while trying to hop into or out of a space. You also get something called a 'clear exit monitor', which tells you whether an unseen pedestrian or cyclist is in your path as you exit a space.

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to choose

Land Rover Discovery Sport blind spot monitoring system

5. Blind Sport monitoring system (£460)

The Discovery Sport is a large car, and while it's generally easy to see out of, you won't want to move into a lane on the motorway only to find that a car has been hiding in your blind spot. This handy upgrade alerts you by lighting up the wing mirrors if a car is lurking where you can't see it. If you fail to see said car and try and move over, corrective steering also keeps you in your lane.

Land Rover Discovery Sport options to avoid

Land Rover Discovery Sport alloy wheel

21in alloy wheels (£2085)

You can add alloy wheels of up to 21in on the Discovery Sport, but since they cost in excess of £2000 and seriously affect the car’s ride quality, we wouldn’t.

Land Rover Discovery Sport: best buy

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport front
  • Model - Land Rover Discovery Sport D180 S
  • List price - £40,625
  • Target Price - £38,366
  • Target PCP - £390 per month
  • Options we'd add - Metallic paint (£705), LED fog lights (£195), USB chargers (£100), Parking Pack (£560), Blind Sport monitoring system (£460)
  • Cost of options - £2020

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