Infiniti confirms more UK showrooms

* Will have at least 13 dealerships * Free collection over 150-miles radius * Birmingham and Glasgow first to open...

Infiniti confirms more UK showrooms

Infiniti has announced a second partner for its UK dealership network, which will increase the number of 'Infiniti Centres' to at least 13.

The luxury car maker has already opened its first British showroom in Reading, ahead of the brand's launch in the UK market later this year.

The company's emphasis on luxury and 'total ownership experience' means that all of its centres have been designed to have more in common with exclusive boutique hotels than they do with traditional car dealerships.

Birmingham and Glasgow first
The partnership with Mana Premier Automobiles means that Infiniti Centres will open in south London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds and Stockport, with five other locations due to be announced later.

The company says that the showrooms in Birmingham and Glasgow will be opened first by the middle of next year with the other sites to follow.

Infiniti is also answering criticism that its dealership network will be far smaller than that of rivals such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, by offering what it describes as a 'VIP Service', delivering and collecting cars for servicing within a 150-mile radius of any of its showrooms.