Infiniti G37 Coupe S hello

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Infiniti G37 Coupe S hello

Infiniti G37 Coup S
List price 35,150
Target Price 35,150
Run by Roger Stansfield
Tested for Two months/3000 miles

Last November I became only the 10th person in Britain to take delivery of an Infiniti. Beat that for exclusivity. Infiniti, Nissans equivalent of Toyotas Lexus, had just launched in the UK, promising unrivalled levels of customer service, so it seemed like a good chance to put both the brand and a car through our demanding test schedule.

Our impatience to be in on the ground floor encouraged us to take an ex-demonstrator with 1600 miles on the clock, rather than order a bespoke new car, which would have involved a wait of three to four months for it to be built and shipped.

As it happens, Infinitis (for now) only UK outlet in Reading (0118 907 1333) had a demo G37 Coup S that suited our needs perfectly: Moonlight White with Graphite leather upholstery, optional seven-speed automatic gearbox, intelligent cruise control and brake assist, and multimedia pack (rear-view camera, DVD sat-nav and Bose 10-speaker stereo) on-the-road price as new 40,250. We decided to go for it.

Not just 'buying' it's an 'experience'
At Infiniti, you dont just buy a car, youre put through the Infiniti experience. Youre not a customer, but a guest, and there are no sales executives, only personal consultants. Three weeks after first walking in to meet mine, Nigel Spragg, I was back at the boutique hotel-like showroom to pick up our car, where Nigel took me through its controls and features.

Ive already put the sat-nav to the test on the way to former McLaren designer Gordon Murrays studio in deepest Surrey, and it took me there unerringly, even overcoming my wilful disobedience of its instructions (it wanted to take me through Guildford in the rush hour; I refused). Its also done a 450-miles-in-a-day return trek to Yorkshire, returning 25mpg not bad for a car with a 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine and an auto gearbox.

Tourist attraction
One pre-Christmas Sunday I parked it on Londons Piccadilly and came back to find it engulfed by excited Italians wondering what it was, but also stirred by its discreet good looks. After a run of big diesel saloons as long-term cars, this is going to be an interesting year for me, I think.

What Car? says
Car and brand are living up to the promise.

[Roger]( G37 Coupe S)