Introduction to electrification

* Electric Dodge driven * 0-60mph in less than 5s * Based on Lotus Europa...

Introduction to electrification

Not that long ago the thought of an electric sports car looked a long way off, but now Chrysler are showing off their Dodge Circuit EV at the Geneva motor show.

Although we've seen the Circuit EV at the Detroit motor show earlier this year, this is the first time we've had the opportunity to take the Circuit for a spin.

It's part of the Chrysler's ENVI project to produce environmentally responsible vehicles.

The first generation of cars will focus on fitting high-tech batteries, electronics and electric motors into existing vehicles, as a quick way of getting the technology on the road, before moving on to new vehicles designed to be as efficient as possible.

We're not just talking about sports cars, though, as Chrysler have also revealed plans for a electrically propelled Jeep Patriot EV, the Chrysler Town & Country EV and Chrysler 200C EV saloon.