Jaguar Land Rover is developing new safety technology to help prevent collisions with other road users

Bike Sense uses colour, sound and touch to alert drivers to potential hazards...

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Doug Revolta
20 January 2015

Jaguar Land Rover is currently developing a new safety technology to help prevent accidents with other road users.

What is it?

Bike Sense - JLR’s concept safety technology currently being developed to help prevent bike collisions with cars.

It uses a combination of colour, sound and touch inside the car to alert drivers to potential hazards before they see it.

How does it work?

Bike Sense recognises an approaching road user and identifies whether it’s a bicycle or motorbike.

LED lights on the window sills, dashboard and windscreen pillars glow amber then red as the bike approaches, and a motorbike horn or bicycle bell is played through the speaker nearest the bike.

The top of the car seat extends to ‘tap’ the driver on the left or right shoulder, depending which side the bike is, and the accelerator pedal vibrates to encourage the driver not to move the car until the hazard has been avoided.

When parked, the door handle lights up, vibrates or buzzes if there is a danger of opening the door into the path of a bike, and the system can prioritise hazards when there are numerous cyclists, motorbikes or pedestrians around the car.

The system will also be able to identify hazards that are obscured by a stationary vehicle.

When will it be available?

It’s currently under development at JLR’s Advanced Research Centre in the UK but there’s no official confirmation yet on when it will be ready to put in cars.